Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fundamental Stock Analysis

About Fundamental Security Analysis

Becoming a successfull stock investor is something everyone can achieve. A good stock return, to be safe for stock market drops is actually easier then most of you maybe think. Its easy to learn and understand to become a better Investor. This website will try to teach you a thing or two.

I am investing myself for over 20 years and i learned all i know about the stockmarket the hard way. Many errors, many losses, also some gains but i didn´t had any strategy and most often then not i lost everything in the markets again i had won before.

Here you will learn about the big mistakes you can make in the stockmarket and here you will learn about the basic and simple to use tools. Teach yourself the habits of highly successful investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and other well known stock market Gurus.

In the coming weeks and months I´ll show you stock valuation techniques on real stocks. Learn hard, think hard, get confident and use your new won knowledge of the stockmarket to build yourself an strong base of stocks with good fundamentals.

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